Gutter Services

Damaged GutterA properly functioning gutter system should:
  • Keep rainwater away from entry ways.
  • Channel water away from your foundation.
  • Add to the beauty of your home.
If your gutter system is failing, you RISK:
  • Water being channeled behind your siding, causing major wood rot.
  • Water backing up beneath your roofing system, causing leaks and expensive sheet rock repair.
  • Erosion of landscaping, water getting inside or under your home, causing mold and mildew to flourish.

At JAF Roofing, we know that your gutters and downspouts can be one of the most overlooked parts of your roofing system. We understand that properly working downspouts and gutters are key components in assuring that your home or business stays dry all year long.

If your home or business needs new gutters installed, JAF Roofing offers an impressive array of state-of-the-art gutter systems that we can install quickly and cost-effectively. Contact JAF Roofing today for a FREE consultation

The Primary Purpose of Gutters:

Gutters provide your home or business with a drain control system, diverting water and debris away from the building’s foundation. When it rains or snows, water can begin to form trenches around the foundation and seep into basements or lower levels. Without gutters, this can lead to foundation leaks, basement leaks, and driveway and walkway leaks. Like all other structural elements of your home or business, gutters should be maintained and replaced when necessary.

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